Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Who is Tropical Sno?
A: The Tropical Sno product was founded in April of 1984 when our company opened the first Tropical Sno Kiosk in Provo, UT. Since that time it is estimated that our dealers have sold more than 250,000,000 Tropical Sno shave ice throughout the world. Today Tropical Sno is clearly the leading brand in the shave ice industry.
Q: What is Shave Ice?
A: Shave Ice is light, fluffy snow that absorbs the flavor, creating a delicious treat that melts in your mouth. True Shave Ice is made with block ice and our machines literally shave the ice so fine that it is like eating fresh fallen snow.
Q: What makes Tropical Sno Number 1?
A: We would like to tell you it is the wonderful ownership, dedicated employees and fantastic dealers but to be perfectly honest . . . it’s our flavors and the quality of our snow. One taste will convince you that no one does it better!
Q: Is Tropical Sno a Franchise?
A: No, we do not charge franchise fees or royalties to be a dealer. By not being a franchise we are able to keep your start up cost to a minimum and you get to keep more of your profits. Since we are not a franchise you are also free to use your own experie
Q: Will I get an exclusive area?
A: No, we do not offer exclusive areas. We grant you a non-exclusive license to use the Tropical Sno trademarks in your business at the locations where you operate. We believe that Tropical Sno is an impulse product and the more locations we have the more product you will sell. More locations translates to increased brand, and product awareness which is crucial to drive sales. This being said we take great care in making sure that we don’t put more locations than the market will support and we will always give our existing dealers the first opportunity to open additional locations.
Q: Are there any agreements I have to sign?
A: Yes, each dealer is required to sign a dealer agreement. The dealer agreement is a simple agreement that authorizes you to use the Tropical Sno trademarks to promote your business and in return you agree to use the Tropical Sno flavors exclusively and follow our guidelines to preserve the nature and quality of the products associated with the Tropical Sno trademarks. It’s that simple!
Q: How much does it cost to become a Dealer?
A: How much you spend to become a dealer depends upon how serious you are about the business. Generally the more you spend the more you will get in return. The majority of our dealers spend $20,000 - $30,000 to get started but you can buy a Tropical Sno push cart package for as low as $7,500 or a simple start up package that includes a machine, flavors and accessories for as low as $3,500. We encourage you to contact us so we discuss your particular needs and give you a detailed quote.
Q: How much money can I make as a Tropical Sno Dealer?
A: How much money you make depends largely upon how much you put into the business. The great thing about becoming a Tropical Sno Dealer is that the business can literally become whatever you envision it to be. If you are looking for a part time business to supplement your full time income then Tropical Sno can be that business. If you are looking for a new adventure and something to replace your current employment then Tropical Sno can be that business. The reality is that, Tropical Sno is a great product with high profit margins. The key to success is working hard and getting locations close to where people live, work and play.